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ScireTech is a branch of Scire Science® for Research and Development in Lifescience.  



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Internships/Project Request Form


  • Researchers are invited to submit paper(s)  and abstract(s) for oral/poster presentation(s) in the technical sessions of the conference -SciCon Series-2019, Goa, India.


  • Submit your applications for Scire Awards Click here 


  • Applicants for Science project contest can download the registration form from website Click here 


  • Research articles are invited for publication Click here 


  • Glimpses of Microbiology, For competitive examinations, ICAR-SRF, JRF, CSIR-NET, IARI, ARS and NET, Authored by Yalavarthi Nagaraju and Perala Jhansi, Published by Scire Science Publications. ISBN: 978-81-9340090-6. USD. 9.50. Book your copies at

  • If you are interested to publish your book  with us, submit your publication request Click here 


  • Microbiology - Compilation of model question papers of Microbiology for preparation of competitive exams such as ICAR-SRF, JRF, CSIR-NET, IARI, ARS. Authored by Yalavarthi Nagaraju and Perala Jhansi, Published by Scire Science Publications. ISBN: 978-81-9340093-7. USD. 6.00. Book your copies at